About our guitar templates

As passionate guitarists and luthiers, we decided that it was time to bring precision guitar templates to the Australian market, designed to ensure a comprehensive option for each guitar covering from the basic shape through to fret slots to within half a millimetre.

What makes these templates so good?

These templates are designed by Luthiers for both the beginner and luthiers alike. Ordering as little as required or everything including the scratch plate template. Consideration was give to every aspect of  the build process.

  • Premium Quality: Created in a 6mm acrylic in most cases, these templates allow for plenty of grip for you router and you shouldn't see any warping when clamping if done correctly.
  • Transparent: by having the template created in a clear acrylic you can see the product you are working with allowing for alignment and accuracy.
  • Score lines: All score lines on templates are on the build side of the acrylic allowing for the most accurate of alignment. As the lines are within touching distance of the job, you can use the finest of markers allowing for a more precise outcome.  
  • CNC laser: Precision laser cut to within .5 of a millimetre means that you are likely to to see a super snug fit in all parts and if any adjustment is required then it is likely to be a small refinement rather than a loose fit.

How do they work?

Below is a range of videos that help to explain how to use these templates