Acoustic internal mount pre-amp and piezo pickup for internal mount

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AB1-NS : Internal mount pick-up and pre-amp
Circuit board Dimension :   W 43 X H 24 X D 26 (mm)

AB1 is an active Volume & Tone booster for piezo pickup.  AB1 is made up of two potentiometers without a case.  The circuit has been specially designed to suppress ground noise, and therefore provide virtually noiseless sound without shielding case.

The tone control boosts the resonance to achieve pure natural acoustic sound rather than simply reduce the treble band range (passive systems).

This system is used where you want to install an active piezo pick-up system in your acoustic instrument without a bulky side-mounted onboard pre-amp.  You have flexibility as to where this system is installed: either on the side or on the top of your guitar.   The B50K pots can be removed/replaced if you want to install them further apart than they come on the PCB.

This set includes:

  • The pre-amp circuit board (as shown in photo) with V & T pots and 2.5mm input and 3.5mm output jacks 
  • An Artec SF607 Solid Flex under-saddle piezo pickup w 2.5mm plug
  • A chrome end-pin output jack with a 3.5mm plug to connect to the pre-amp

Battery and knobs are NOT included