Artec EDGE-ND Preamp

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EDGE Series have the special concept beyond common design of existing preamps for acoustic guitar. Without mounting screws, EDGE series use Double Inner Clamp system which enables users to install with ease. This mechanism keeps solid wood side of guitar body from cracking caused by installation with screws. FLIP-HOOD Design of panel can save the room for battery case, so it make clean and concise face of panel. All EDGE EQs are applied to EMI process for basic option to reduce hum ideally, and equipped with PHASE switch for anti-feedback. This EQ series enables the colour matching with various colours of half transparent and marble finish,  compared with other preamps which have the black colour only. CEQ

This Preamp has compact and simple design with essential functions, 4band EQ, Chromatic Tuner and Phase inverse. Equalizer control and Main volume are positioned on curved line for making enough room for controlling and Tuner display. Custom designed knob for control are used and Main volume pot has bigger knob for easy distinction.  This Preamp also have Flip-Hood panel system for battery compartment and easy Clamp installation without mounting screws.


EDGE-ND is high precision meter-type LCD chromatic tuner with 4 band Eq. It also has orange colour backlight. So it is easy to read when use dark place.   Electrically preamp and tuner circuits have separate power lines, so you can tune the guitar without plug in. 

EDGE-LT is 'Easy to read' alphabet type LCD chromatic tuner with 4 band Eq. It also has orange colour backlight.

Volume [min ~ max],    
- 4 band EQ [-10dB ~ +10dB],  
- Contour [flat ~ notch]
- Notch Band SW. [Hi / Low]
- Phase SW.
- Low Battery Indicator LED
- Chromatic Tuner (EDGE-LT, TN)