Bourns DUAL Push Pull Mini SOLID Shaft Potentiometer

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Note: These are DUAL with SOLID Shaft

Mini Carbon Element, Push Pull Switch, Dual Audio, Solid Shaft. 17 mm body diameter. ¼" watt, 300° rotation. DPDT, 6mm shaft diameter. Solder lugs. ⅜" bushing.

Bourns® Model PDB183-GTR21 Guitar Potentiometer with Push-Pull Switch. Used for Split-Coil Pickup Switching Electric guitar manufacturing is a multi-billion dollar industry with major manufacturers established worldwide. From the introduction of the first mass-produced electric guitar in 1950, guitarists have been mesmerized with advances in technology and the wide array of after- market parts commercially available for guitar upgrades. Specialty products such as Bourns® Model PDB183-GTR21 Guitar Potentiometer with Push-Pull Switch allow the guitarist multiple functions utilizing a single control such as split-coil switching for humbucking (double-pole) pickups or stacked single-coil pickups, active electronics activation, and pickup phase switching. This application note addresses utilization of the PDB183-GTR21 to enable split-coil pickup switching in electric guitar humbucking pickups. Bourns® Model PDB183-GTR21 Guitar Potentiometer with Push-Pull Switch is designed to allow the guitarist switching capability and volume or tone controls with a single 18 mm package size potentiometer. The potentiometer is designed with a single shaft that is used to activate the Double-Pole, Double-Throw (DPDT) switch and to adjust the potentiometer. The DPDT switch can be wired for various switch functions.


  • Carbon element DPDT push-pull switch
  • 6mm Solid Shaft
  • 3/8" Bushing Width
  • 3/8" Bushing Length
  • Tolerance: ±20 %
  • Power Rating: 0.1 watt
  • Bourns Series Number: PDB183-GTR21