Bourns Mini Audio Knurled Shaft Potentiometer

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These potentiometers are the mini version of the Bourns 24mm body, with a smaller 17mm body these potentiometer are great option for small areas or tight fit areas. The split knurled shaft is designed for push on knobs and the curved waist will also work with screw lock knobs.

Bourns Mini Audio Taper Guitar pots. Mini Carbon Element, Split Shaft, Solder Lugs.

  • 17mm Body Diameter
  • ¼ watt
  • 300° rotation
  • ¼" Knurled 18-Spline Split Shaft
  • ⅜" Bushing Length
  • Tolerance: ±20 %
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 150V
  • Series Number: PDB181-GTR