Acoustic Bridge Locating Templates

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These templates are designed to accurately position acoustic guitar bridges every time with ease and speed.  Precision CNC laser cut from clear acrylic, they are cut for specific scale lengths and string compensation. They include a centerline, key fret lines, and key dimensional information.  Note: Compensation is the distance from scale length to front (nut facing) face of the saddle on the centerline.

If you have a custom bridge location/length you would like templated, select CUSTOM and let us know the details and we'll get it done.

Bridge Locating Jig Templates:

Code Description Scale mm


BLTC650 Nylon String Classical 650mm 1mm
BLTSS628 Steel String Guitar 628.7mm (24.75") 3mm
BLTSS632 Steel String Guitar 632.5mm (24.9") 3mm
BLTSS644 Steel String Guitar 643.6mm (25.34") 3mm
BLTSS647 Steel String Guitar 647.7mm (25.5") 3mm
BLTSS625 Steel String Guitar 625.5mm (24.625") 3mm