Control Knob Domed 6mm shaft available in 4 colours

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Metal dome with knurling and set screw. The traditional Fender Tele® knob, also used on many other guitars, basses, lap steels, and more.

A better match on vintage guitars: the Relic Chrome plating has an aged look, perfect for repairing old guitars when shiny hardware looks out of place.

18mm tall x 18mm diameter x 6mm shaft.  Sold separately.

Measure your control pot shafts before you order!
These 6mm knobs fit 6mm solid shaft pots, and both fine or coarse-knurled split shaft pots.

1/4" knobs fit 1/4" solid shaft pots.

To install on a split-shaft pot, align the set screw with the split before tightening.