Compensated Bone Nut Blanks for Acoustic Guitar

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EXCLUSIVE - Compensated Bone Nuts Blanks for Acoustic Guitars

If you are looking for near-perfect intonation for your acoustic guitar, you'll want to install a compensated nut.  We are not aware of anywhere else you'll find precision-machined compensated bone nut blanks.  These blanks will save you hours of work machining a bone blank by hand.

The compensation offsets are taken from Gore & GIlet (Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build) for either nylon (classical) or steel-string acoustic guitar.  They are precision CNC machined to 0.1mm accuracy (or better) from quality bone nut blanks.  The base nut blanks are 6mm x 9mm x 52mm.

To install a compensated nut you will need to shorten the fretboard by 3mm at the nut-end.  That is, move the fretboard face of the nut closer to the 1st fret by 3mm. 

If replacing the nut on an existing guitar, you'll need to make this adjustment by hand.  If you are making a new fretboard then Guitar Templates has created a compensated nut fret slotting template/jig that will accurately cut the adjusted "zero fret" in exactly the right place for either a 650/660mm scale nylon string or a 25.34"/24.9" (643.6mm/632.5mm) steel string.  Each template includes an additional index notch to facilitate the accurate cutting of a slot that will define a slot or ledge for a 6mm wide nut.  If you are using a different scale length, get in touch and we'll look at cutting one for you.

NOTE:  The centreline of the "Zero Fret" slot is moved 2.7mm.  Most fret slotting saws have a 0.6mm kerf so the face of the fretboard will be moved 3.0mm from the true zero fret line.

Options Available:

  1. Nylon-string Compensated Nut
  2. Steel-string Compensated Nut

The fret slotting templates are available separately along with all the other fret slotting templates here.