Denatured Absolute Alcohol - DAA 100% 500ml

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 500ml Denatured Absolute Alcohol 100% – Industrial Methylated Spirits IMS 100

Denatured absolute alcohol, or otherwise known as Industrial Methylated Spirits (IMS 100) is 100% denatured alcohol, with no water content. The purity of this product offers huge benefits over store bought methylated spirits, especially when using shellac. Benefits include, faster dissolving times of shellac flakes, faster drying French polish, and reduced chances of blooming.

  • 100% denatured Absolute Alcohol (IMS 100)
  • Reduces blooming when French polishing
  • Faster Shellac dissolving and drying times

Why choose DAA from Restorers choice?

Standard store-bought methylated spirits can contain up to 30% water, this high-water content can cause an array of complications when French polishing.