Duesenberg Z-Tuner / Standard / 3 + 3

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Duesenberg Z-Tuner / Standard / 3 + 3

3 + 3, 90 °, ratio 18: 1. NEW DESIGN!

These mechanics can be found on most Duesenberg models, such as the Starplayer TV , the Paloma or the Caribou .

Their reliability and solid construction have proven themselves on the big stages of the world. Now the case has got a new, very elegant design. But the inner values ​​have remained the same.

A hallmark of the Duesenberg Z tuners is the unique, extremely comfortable method of pulling the strings. The string is put lengthways through the hollow shaft and cut off at the back. Then you pull the string back into the housing a little so that the pointed end of the string is no longer a risk of injury, and wind it up as usual. Only a small amount of winding is required so that the string holds the machine securely without slipping out.

10mm bore.