Gold EVO Med/Med Fretwire - Curved

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Gold EVO Fretwire suitable for all guitars.

Renowned Jescar high-quality guitar fret wire offers luthiers and players alike the following benefits:

- Perfect forming of all wire dimensions throughout the entire coil length
- Stringent quality control of tensile strength, hardness, dimension, and composition
- Exact symmetry of profile with centered and perpendicular tangs
- Barbs with sharp highly defined points bite into the fret slots and remain securely seated.
- Tolerances accurate to within +/- 0.002″
- Superfinish surface quality for a bright appearance and smooth finish
- Greater hardness and tighter grain structure for longer life and playability
- Offered in traditional 18% Nickel Silver, and Gold EVO alloy

The two main differences/advantages of EVO Gold over traditional Nickel Silver fretwire is:

  1. EVO Gold is considered hypoallergenic – it is nickel-free and suitable for people who have nickel allergies
  2. EVO Gold wire is harder than nickel silver though not as hard as stainless steel, usually falling in the middle of the hardness range.  Many builders and repair shops like working with EVO because it has excellent working properties and provides the player with increased fret life and a great feel like stainless steel – and looks good!

NB. EVO Gold fretwire is an alloy comprising mainly copper and tin, along with small quantities of iron and titanium – there is no gold. But it does have a pleasing gold colour (think gold hardware with EVO Gold fretwire…………mmm.)

Available in the following size:

  • Type - Gold EVO Fretwire
  • Crown Measurements - 2.03mm W x 1.09mm H
  • Qnty - 1 Set = 6 x 30cm lengths curved
  • Shape - Medium/Medium

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