Les Paul Custom Style Control Cavity Router Template

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We have designed all of our control cavity template sets so you can create the cavity, the cover, and the cover recess, and be assured you'll end up with a great result.  There is significant variation between guitar makers and the aftermarket covers that are available so if you have an existing cover it pays to check the shape and dimensions as it may not fit our template dimensions.

This set of control cavity templates is based on the control cavity and cover taken from an '83 LP Custom guitar.  It is slightly smaller than the other LP Style control cavity template set we have listed and we provide it for those wanting something closer to the original.  

Cut from 8mm clear acrylic they are 93mm x 132mm.  The cover plate is 0.5mm smaller than the Cover Recess to enable easy fitting and some allowance for the finish.

Comes with 3 pieces:

  • Cover Plate Template
  • Cavity Cover Recess Template  (to fit cover plate)
  • Cavity Hole Template  (Electronics Cavity)

All feature crosshairs to enable accurate alignment.