Golden Age Oval Knob 6-In-Line Tuners

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Modern look and performance
We started with one of the world's most popular modern tuners and made them better—we improved the gear ratio, made the plating more durable, and added a super smooth turning gear.

Rock-solid reliability
If you're a fan of Schaller, Grover, and Gotoh precision-made tuners, you'll instantly feel right at home tuning up with these. These are lighter and less bulky than Grover's or Schaller's, and far less expensive for a pro-quality tuning machine.

These tuners are rock-solid with no backlash and they'll reliably keep you in tune gig after gig.


High end features and great price
  • Precision 18:1 ratio
  • Smooth oval knob
  • Sealed lubrication
  • Cast housing
  • Removable metal knobs
  • Included mounting screws and threaded hex bushings


Set of 6: For 6-in-line pegheads. 10mm (13/32") diameter pegholes required.