Golden Age Telecaster Pickups

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Vintage vibe, great price! Our Tele models feature Alnico 5 pole pieces and vintage specifications to take your Telecaster® back half a century!

Get the biting twang that helped forge rock, country and blues.
Golden Age pickups continue to amaze and impress guitarists. They're a great upgrade for guitars with weak or muddy stock pickups, at a great price. Vintage dimensions allow easy installation in standard bodies.

Golden Age Bridge Pickup for Tele
  • Pole pieces: Alnico 5 magnets with north polarity and 2-1/8" (53.97mm) spread. Vintage-spec raised D and G pole pieces.
  • Coil wire: AWG42, wound to 6.5K ohms. Vintage-style white string wrap. Wax-potted.
  • Flatwork: Bottom thickness .093" (2.38mm), top .062" (1.57mm). Copper-plated steel baseplate for authentic twang.

Golden Age Neck Pickup for Tele
  • Pole pieces: Alnico 5 magnets with south polarity and 1-15/16" (49.21mm) spread.
  • Coil wire: AWG43, wound to 7.0K ohms for original beefier output. Wax-potted.
  • Flatwork: .062" (1.57mm) top and bottom thickness.
  • Cover: '50s-style flat-topped, chrome.
  • Screws: Vintage-style wood screws for mounting to the bottom of the pickup cavity.

Both models have vintage-style push-back cloth-insulated lead wires, and include compressible height adjustment tubing with mounting screws.

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