Gorgomyte® Fret and Fingerboard Cleaning and Conditioning Cloth

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Gorgomyte®, if you don't know about it then we are about to introduce you to one of the best kept secrets.
Used by so many professional guitar technicians, this stuff is amazing. I have been personally using it for years and love the way it removes the grease and gunk that builds up on your guitar so easily.
Original lemon oil formula. The specially treated cloth loosens and removes dirt and oxidation fast, leaving frets shining like jewels and feeling great.  Gorgomyte® was developed by veteran guitar tech Jimmy Johnson as a non-abrasive, faster alternative to steel wool.
Gorgomyte cleans and conditions fingerboards without leaving a sticky residue. Jimmy's proud to say Gorgomyte is used by more big-name touring bands than any similar product."I'm so used to great frets now it's hard to remember life before Gorgomyte!"—Tommy Shaw of Styx

No matter whether it's Peter Frampton, Dave Mustaine, Tommy Shaw or any of the other Super Star artists we support, they all have one thing in common. Their instruments HAVE to be in top playing form. At this level of the game there are no excuses for anything less than perfection. This is why they all choose Gorgomyte to condition their fingerboards and polish their frets. Join the rapidly growing list of artists and techs around theglobe who have discovered the wonders of JJ's Gorgomyte and thrown away their steel wool. Just like them,

You'll never turn back.The frets and fingerboard of your guitar get more hands on use, and often abuse, than any other area of the instrument. The fine wood gets gummed up with finger oils and dirt. The frets collect these impurities too, making them dull and less than smooth. Why then is this the one area we tend to neglect when it's clean uptime? The reason is that it has always been a messy, delicate and time consuming job. Getting the wood back to it's original luster and the frets shining meant using potentially damaging and abrasive products like steel wool. Turn an hour long task into just a few minutes and get results you never thought possible with Gorgomyte.

Instructions for using "Gorgomyte"
Remove the strings from your instrument.

Cut Gorgomyte Polishing cloth into 2" squares. Use  one square  for the entire neck. Store the remaining squares in  the resealable bag for future cleaning and conditioning.

Start at the first fret, rub Gorgomyte Polishing Cloth over the entire fingerboard and frets, and work your way towards the  bridge end of the neck, turning your cloth as you work your way up the neck. The cloth will turn black quickly. These are impurities being drawn out.

With a separate soft clean, dry 100% cotton cloth (An old clean  cotton t-shirt or cotton face cloth works best), buff the conditioned fingerboard and frets until all the dirt is removed.

Restring your instrument and feel how much smoother she plays and how brightly the frets gleam.

Your frets are now smoother and shinier than when they
were new!