GOTOH SG381-MG-T-07 Locking Tuning Machines 6 Inline

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Set of 6 Gotoh SG381-07 '6 in Line' MGT Magnum Lock Traditional Tuning Keys.  The 07 button is the smaller Schaller-sytle.  The SG381 model are standard issue on most Japan Ibanez Prestige models. The MGT Magnum Lock Traditional locking design is new for 2013.


- Staggered Height Posts.
- Traditional Thumbwheel Style Magnum Lock Mechanism.
- 16:1 Ratio.
- Gotoh '07' Style Button.
- Includes Screw in Bushings, Washers and fixing screws.
- Requires 10mm (13/32") diameter hole.
- Fits up to 14mm headstock thickness.
- Gold Finish.