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The GT Body Mould has been designed by our own team of luthiers to make the task of building your guitar more accurate and easy.  It was designed with building in mind and therefore it works the way it should, check out the video attached for more in-depth information.

  • Made from 18mm thick MDF
  • Comes with matching spreaders with a built-in 2 mm allowance for the sides.
  • Because the outside shape follows the inside shape, the spreaders may also be easily clamped into each half of the mould using quick clamps or similar.
  • The top layer can be removed from the spreaders so they can be used after the linings are glued in.
  • The spreaders are notched to accommodate side braces. (Not shown in the accompanying photos).
  • These body mouds are made to match the GT templates and may not be accurate with other plans/templates.
  • Custom shapes can be made upon request.

Watch this video to see how the body mould functions: