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The GT Bridge Vacuum Clamp has been designed by our own team of luthiers to make the task of sanding and scraping your acoustic guitar quick and easy.  No more clamping and clamping cauls with the risk of damaging the guitar and all working with your existing air compressor. 

Our vacuum clamps have several unique features:

  • Made from 10mm thick HDPE they are lightweight yet strong and have just enough flexibility to allow conformance with the top or back curvature of your guitar. 
  • The support bar is an 80x40 aluminium tube with 3mm thick walls.
  • The vacuum system utilizes high-quality Japanese made components
  • Available as a complete unit
    • - clamp plus full vacuum system
    • - or clamp only
  • Parts available so you know you can ensure the life of your Vacuum Clamp including Seal rubbers and vacuum system components. (See separate listing for parts)

Watch this video to see how the clamp functions: