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The Large GT Bridge Vacuum Clamp has been designed by our own team of luthiers to make the task of gluing a bridge to the top of an acoustic guitar quick and easy.  No more clamping through the soundhole requiring heavy clamps and custom internal clamping cauls with the risk of damaging the guitar.  And it works using compressed air from your existing air compressor – you don’t need an expensive vacuum pump!  These are safe and easy to use.

We make them in two sizes: Large for guitars and Small for Ukuleles.  The small version is available here.

Our vacuum clamps have several unique features:

  • Made from 10mm thick HDPE they are lightweight yet strong and have just enough flexibility to allow conformance with the top curvature of your guitar.
  • Rounded ends and corners minimise the risk of damaging your guitar while making them suitable to fit smaller instruments like a Ukulele – the corners don’t overhang!
  • They provide even clamping pressure across the full length and width of the bridge regardless of shape.
  • A translucent silicone rubber clamping membrane means you can see clearly what is going on under the clamp.  This allows you to see if anything goes awry and needs to be fixed before the glue grabs.  You can watch the glue squeeze out and better time the initial clean-up.  We recommend an initial clamp time of 5-8 minutes, remove the clamp and clean up the glue squeeze out and then re-clamp for 30minutes or more depending on the glue you use.
  • Vacuum clamping accelerates the glue cure time for water-based glues like Titebond and Hide Glue.
  • The large vacuum clamp is suitable for small to large body guitars.  Internal dimensions: 210mm x 90mm. 
    • Suitable for bridges up to 190mm long.
  • Available in
    • Complete Kit including the vacuum generator and connections, or
    • Clamp Only 

Click here to watch a demonstration video. Or the video below

Click here for instructions on putting the system together.

For instructions on using the Bridge Vacuum Clamp click here