GT Double-Sided Tape

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GT Double-Sided Tape
These are 50m long rolls!  They will last you a long time!
  • Four widths:  12mm  18mm  25mm  50mm
  • 50 Meters Long
  • Thickness: 0.07mm
  • Sticky: 70u 
  • Cotton paper double-sided tape is made of cotton paper, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides, and treated with white silicone-treated release paper. It has long-lasting adhesion and good water resistance and steam resistance. , temperature resistance, UV protection, weather resistance.
  • It has a strong adhesive, provides double-sided bonding, easy tearing, and clean use.

Guitar Templates Lutherie Tip:  When using double-sided tape, we recommend that you apply regular masking tape to both faces of the items being stuck together and apply the double-sided tape between the masking tape.  This ensures quick and easy removal of the D-S tape from your workpiece and template.