Herringbone Purflings - 2 Styles

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Herringbone Purfling Strips - 2 Styles

Guitar Templates has a range of purflings available.  If you can't see what you want please let us know as we are always looking to extend the range.

We stock these Herringbone Purfling strips in 2 styles/sizes:

  • C-61 Flexible:  880mm L x 3.5mm W x 1.5mm T.  This style is flexible - it bends easilyin all directions so it is easy to use around the soundhole and the rim of the back or soundboard.
  • C-72 Traditional:  640mm L x 3mm W x 1mm T.  This is traditional herringbone which is not as flexible as C-61 however it can be bent around gentle curves when warmed up or by separating the outer black strips with a hot blade and then re-gluing once in place.  Here are some videos that demonstrate the techniques:

They can be glued with regular Titebond wood glue or CA glue and we recommend using our high-strength binding tape to secure the bindings while the glue cures.

If you are looking for regular black and white purflings, check out our range here.