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This pack includes all the internal timber items required for the construction of an acoustic guitar. 

Bracewood is quarter-sawn spruce cut to rough dimensions.  They are not shaped or scalloped and will require further dimensioning before installation according to the plans to which you are building.  The photos are for information only.

Kerfed linings are triangular Sapele.

We provide neck and tail blocks cut from first-grade Birch Plywood that is free of cavities.  Neck blocks are 75mmW x 110mmH x 45mmT.  Tail blocks are 60mmW x  120mmH x 18mmT.

Pack includes:

  • Spruce brace wood for soundboard, back, and sides
  • Neck Block
  • Tail Block
  • Kerfed Linings (4 strips)
  • Bridge Plate (Steel String only)

Not included is a marriage strip for the back and the fretboard support (both normally cut from the soundboard offcuts).