Kerfed Linings

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Making an acoustic guitar, ukulele or mandolin? Kerfed linings are essential to securely attach the top and back to the sides. We have a range of kerfed linings sized for guitars,  mandolins, and ukes. 

These are available in single strips or more economically as a pack of 4.

  • Triangular profile Mahogany for guitar
    • 5mm-1mm thick
    • 18mm high
    • 730mm long
  • Flat rounded over profile Mahogany for guitar or ukes.  Note:  4mm thick.
    • 4mm thick
    • 17mm high
    • 730mm long
  • Triangular profile Poplar for ukes and mandolins
    • 5mm-1mm thick
    • 10mm high
    • 400mm long
  • Four pieces will be required to line a guitar or ukulele
  • Highest quality
  • Precision slotted - bends effortlessly by hand for easy application, however, we recommend dampening and heating gently with a hot air blower in tight bends.