Mandolin Body Mold Template

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The GT Body Mold template is made from 6mm thick clear acrylic.  It was designed so you can make you own body mold for the A-Style mandolon from 18mm thick MDF.  We recommend 2 layers for the mold and the spreaders.  This mold is designed to match our A-Style Mandolin templates set.

If you prefer, you can request us to CNC a mold for you as per the video below.

  The design features:

  • Symetrical body halves and spreaders.
  • 10mm locating holes.  We recommend that you make a base board with matching holes so the mold won't move around while you're assembing your mandolin.
  • Spreaders are shaped to accomodate 2 mm thickness of the sides.  Use a turn buckle or threaded rod to press the spreaders into the sides.
  • The spreaders may also be easily clamped into each half of the mould using quick clamps or similar.
  • These body molds are made to match the GT A-style Mandolin templates and may not be an exact match to other plans/templates.
  • Custom shapes can be made upon request.

Watch this video to see how the GT Guitar body mold functions: