GT Acoustic Headstock #15 - Martin-style, Slotted

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At Guitar Templates we have created a range of acoustic guitar headstock templates for steel and nylon string instruments, solid and slotted headstocks. These templates are cut from 6mm clear acrylic so they can be used for both layout and routing if desired. In our own workshop, we do not use routers for headstocks preferring instead to rough out on the band saw and then finish shaping on the bobbin/spindle sander or with hand tools. If you use a router please take great care!!

GTHS#15 is our adaptation of a Martin-style straight-sided and slotted steel-string headstock.  We use it for our parlour guitars.

We offer this one in both a 45mm nut for steel strings and 48mm nut for nylon strings. If you like the shape and want to fit it to a wider or narrower nut width, this can be easily achieved with hand shaping when carving your neck.