Plastic Mounting Rings for Humbuckers

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Assorted Pickup Rings for Humbucker Pickups.  

Plastic pickup mounting rings may be sourced from various suppliers and they are not all made to the same dimensions.  We have included indicative external and internal dimensions and heights so you can check them against the pickups that you intend to mount.  Dimensions are indicative only and may vary by +/- 0.5mm.

Option Ext Length Ext Width Int Length Int Width H x H
ARCHED Base. Tapered. Neck. Black. 92 46 70 39 5.5x3.6
ARCHED Base. Tapered. Bridge. Black. 92 46 70 39 11.3x10
ARCHED Base.  Tapered. Neck. Cream. 92 46 70 39 5.5x3.8
ARCHED Base.  Tapered. Bridge. Cream. 92 46 70 39 10x8.6
FLAT Base. Tapered. Neck. Cream. 88.5 44.6 71 38 5.5x3.6
FLAT Base. Tapered. Bridge. Cream. 88.5 44.6 71 38 10.5x8.5
FLAT Base. Tapered. Neck. Black. 88.5 44.6 71 38 5.5x3.6
FLAT Base. Tapered. Bridge. Black. 90 45 70.5 39 11.6x10
FLAT Base.Flat (no taper). Neck. Black. 88.5 44.6 70.7 38 5x5
FLAT Base. Flat (no taper). Bridge. Black. 88.5 44.6 70.7 38.2 2.5x2.5


Please Note: Color-matching Cream Parts
There are always slight variations in the color of the cream plastic parts used on most guitars. It's not uncommon to see brand new and vintage guitars with bindings, pickup rings, toggle switch rings, and pickguards that don't perfectly match in color. We do our best to match all our cream products, but there's no absolute control from batch to batch, or from supplier to supplier.