Queensland Maple Neck Blanks

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These Qld Maple neck blanks are almost perfectly quarter sawn and we have them sized for your project.  Qld Maple is the most popular neck wood in our workshop and we've made over 100 guitar necks with it. 

Please note:

  • We don't stock separate heel blocks.  These neck blanks are long enough that you can make a stacked heel block from the same piece of wood to get a perfect grain match.
  • This timber is dressed to at least the following dimensions.  Some pieces may have minor borer holes along one edge but this is outside of the core wood that will become the final neck. 
  • We have included indicative images of guitar necks we've made with this wood to show the potential once finished and the others show it in the raw, unfinished state.  So please ensure you look at all images so you know exactly what you're buying.  These are example photos; they are not photos of the item you will buy.

Sizes available (minimum dimensions): 

  • Size A:
    • Length 850mm
    • Width 90mm
    • Thickness 21mm
  • Size B:
    • Length 850-860mm
    • Width 105-110mm
    • Thickness 21mm
  • Size C:
    • Length 890-900mm
    • Width 120mm
    • Thickness 21mm