Savarez Flamenco Guitar Strings Tomatito High Tension T50J

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Savarez Flamenco Guitar Strings Tomatito High Tension T50J

These strings are made of the now well-known composite monofilament Alliance Kf (some people call them carbon strings), exclusive to Savarez. Years of research have been necessary to adapt this material to the demands of the musicians and to get an outstanding product-a revolution for the guitar players. The use of Kf Alliance material was first discovered and introduced by Savarez, and changed the world of guitar. The strings were first made of gut then made of nylon. Now the trebles are now made of high technological material, very different from nylon: different elasticity, higher density, further longevity thanks to the very specific crystallinity grade which then produce longer-lasting brilliant professional-quality strings.
SAVAREZ and Tomatito specially crafted them for the immediate and precise response, the projection and the particular sounds each flamenco player is looking for. Two NEW CRISTAL clear nylon trebles (E-1,B-2), ALLIANCE G-3 string, silver-plated basses wound on a new multifilament core.
Fast play is much easier for flamenco playing with its rasgueado, alzapúa, picado.
The strings benefit from new materials and treatments, and state-of-the-art technologies that ensure their high quality and long-lasting.