Schaller Classical Guitar Tuners

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Hauser-style tuners for classical guitar that feature the same patented drive system as in Schaller’s bass machine heads. Proven and unaltered in look and dimensions for decades. Gear ratio 1:16 and 35mm string roller spacing.

Buttons are available in acrylic and ebony.

  • The worm gears and shafts used in Schaller’s acoustic guitar machine heads are precision-manufactured and mounted with precisely the correct spacing on a warp-proof baseplate.
  • The bearings are made of extremely glidant material, meaning that all moving components work absolutely free of friction and wear. You can tune your guitar easily and precisely, without any slack and without a high turning resistance.
  • All parts are precision-crafted and surface-finished, the self-locking drive ensures an even, delicate and steady tuning.
  • All string posts are made of high-grade brass and fitted into the housing with utmost precision, ensuring the best possible tuning accuracy and wear resistance.

Each set includes a pair of 3-left/3-right tuning machines with mounting screws.

Schaller Classical Guitar Machines