Shadow Kill Pot - Potentiometer

Product Code: SH-124-250

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The SH 124 Kill Pot is a unique potentiometer with a momentary push switch for electric guitars. It momentarily kills the sound by pushing it down and automatically springs back when released. This can be used create extraordinary machine gun sound effects, or other rhythmic muting without sacrificing the life of your toggle switch. You can install the SH 124 Kill Pot easily in any common electric guitar, and because of its 16 mm bushing it even suits arch-top guitars like Les-Pauls. The SH 124 replaces either the standard volume or tone potentiometer of your electric guitar but still functions as a standard potentiometer so you do not lose any control.

• Available with Logarithmic taper
• Available with 25K, 250K or 500K resistance for different applications
• Hard-wearing, specially designed potentiometer with momentary push-switch

• Approximately 1mm push travel - spring loaded
• Mounting bushing: 16 mm with M7 x 0.75 thread

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