Shellac Powder or Flake and Hardener

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Premium White De-waxed Shellac            250gm

Dewaxed super blonde shellac powder is used the same way as you would any other grade of shellac. The major difference between this shellac and the others is that it is a bit harder, shines a bit brighter, is completely free from wax.

Orange Flake Shellac                                  250gm

This waxy shellac will add a gentle amber glow to the finish enhancing the appearance and protection of all timber species.

Shellac Hardener Additive                          250ml

This hardener can be added to shellac after it has been dissolved in alcohol.  It causes the shellac, once applied, to cure (cross-link) over a period of about 20 days. The hardened shellac resists condensation & heat rings and increases resistance to alcohol.