Spruce Brace Wood, 3 sizes

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Spruce Brace Wood


Quartersawn Sitka Spruce brace wood stock. Make your own braces

All pieces are at least* 20mm thick and 550mm long.

Available in three widths*: 
  • 50mm wide x 550mm Long
  • 75mm  wide x 550mm Long
  • 100mm  wide x 550mm Long

* Note that these are minimum dimensions and most pieces are a little wider and taller than the stated dimensions.


How much do you need?

Back braces for a typical steel-string guitar with 4 back braces can be cut from a 50mm piece. 

If you are building to a Martin-style plan requiring two wider back braces you’ll need a 75mm piece.

A typical soundboard with an X-brace, two face braces (a.k.a. tone bars or harmonic bars), 4 finger braces, and an upper transverse brave will require an additional 50mm.