Starbond Clear CA Glue

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Starbond CA Glue, Available in 3 Consistencies

  • Water Thin - 2oz and Economical 16oz bottles
    • This watery-thin, instant adhesive is commonly used to repair cracks and hairline fractures because of its ability to easily penetrate narrow spaces. 
  • Medium - 2oz bottles
    • This medium viscosity instant adhesive has properties of both the thin CA and thick CA. It is able to penetrate narrow slots, bond closely-fitted parts, fill small gaps, and create high gloss wooden finishes.
  • Thick - 2 oz bottles
    • This thick CA adhesive has a high viscosity that gives it strong bonding capabilities and allows easy filling of large voids and gaps.
More information about the Starbond clear CA glues can be found in this document.