Torres Style Classical Acoustic Template

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Are you looking to build a Torres Style Flamenco guitar? This set of templates may be just what you need. Cut from 3mm clear acrylic for accurate layout of the pattern, this template set based on the Torres plan drawn by Roy Courtnall for easier and more accurate layout.

The Body Layout Template has been designed to ensure accurate layout of both the soundboard and back braces.

There are two types available

  • A Spanish Heel version where the neck-end of the soundboard is a continuous curve for construction in a solera.
  • A Mortise and Tenon version where the-neck end of the soundbody has a flat to facilitate attachment of the neck using a mortise and tenon join.  The M&T version also includes lobes at the waist with 1/4" diameter holes that can be used with 1/4" rods to enable accutare and repeatable alignment of the top or the back with the template, radius dish and body mold.

These are available as complete build sets (listed below) or individual parts

Included in the Build Set is

  • Body (Top&Back) Layout Template
  • Fretboard Template
  • Headstock Template
  • Neck Side Profile Template

All items are available separately. 

In addition we have:

  • Combination Fretboard and Bridge Locating Jig which combines a fretboard template with a bridge positioning jig incorporating 2mm string compensation.

If you would like the Build Set with the Combination Fretboard and Bridge Locating Jig instead of the fretboard template, order the Build Set Plus.

Like all our guitar templates, these templates are made from clear acrylic, precision laser cut with etched lines, and keyholes for the accurate layout of your build. The etched lines are placed on the surface closet to the guitar to ensure the most accurate of measurements.

Note: The dimensions of templates on this site are often created for accuracy based on original models however this is not the case in some templates and therefore we do not guarantee these templates to work with original parts. We also chose to design elements to be compatible across multiple models which mean not all parts are the exact dimensions as the original guitar the templates were based on.