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 The Ultimate Binding Jig takes one of the most difficult tasks in lutherie and simplifies it. By cutting channels parallel to the sides rather than perpendicular to them, the Ultimate Binding Jig ensures that you get true, full depth channels around the entire perimeter of the instrument regardless of any pitch changes in your sides.  “Zero Bar” technology eliminates the need for measuring and bearing changes.  Three control knobs allow quick and easy adjustments without the need for any extra tools. It’s compact and incredibly easy to use.  

The Ultimate Binding Jig comes ready to fit either the Bosch GMR1/Colt or Rigid trimmer/routers.  If you have the Makita or Dewalt routers then you will need to buy the optional adaptor plate.

Want to bind small and/or thin-bodied instruments like Ukeleles, Mandolins, Archtops*, Electrics, etc? Check out the solid guide accessory.  While you’re at it, don’t forget extra cutter heads.

Always use a sharp cutter head when using the Ultimate Binding Jig. Keep a few extras in stock to ensure you get the best possible channels.

Also available is

  • Solid Cutter
  • Extra Cutter Head
  • Adapter Plate (to use the Ultimate Binding Jig with trimmers from Dewalt and Makita)

* Depending on the degree of the arch and tightness of the cut-away, the Ultimate Binding Jig may not work effectively in the cut-away area of some archtop guitars.


Part 1 of how to use the jig