ELEVATE Rolling Pin Sander - Version 2

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This is the new version of the Elevate Rolling Pin Sander (RPS).

The ELEVATE Rolling Pin Sander is the perfect binding prep tool.  Sand the sides of your instrument in a fraction of the time and ensure a flat surface across their width.  It fits in a standard handheld drill- adding the benefit of variable speed control.  But it’s not just for binding prep.  The Rolling Pin Sander is great for cleaning up the inside of the sides before gluing in blocks and linings.  It’s also very handy when shaping the neck heel profile.

The drum of the Rolling Pin Sander V2 is made of machined aluminum and includes a scribe line to assist in changing abrasives. 

Comes with a single strip of adhesive-backed 80G paper.

PSA-backed sandpaper is used instead of sleeves- no more freezing rubber drums to fit stubborn sanding sleeves.  Paper changes are now much quicker and easier.

Don’t forget to order sandpaper!   We use the P80 grit for most work in our workshop.  A 500mm strip will cover the drum of the RPS V2. It is available by the meter here.

PLEASE NOTE:  The RPS comes with a single strip of Klingspor 80 grit paper.  This paper is 77mm wide.  The alignment groove on the drum of the RPS is used to align this paper.  The  paper we sell is 70mm wide and aligns slightly differently.  We provide a simple template to assist with cutting and aligning the this paper.

A print template for cutting sandpaper to match this rolling pin can be found herePlease make sure that you print it 100% actual size on to a sheet of A4 paper.